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We are a company that specializes in comprehensive logistics services for businesses, in accordance to the highest European standards.

XBS Group implements solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers, paying particular attention to the specifics of various sectors of activity. Optimizing processes through solutions XBS Group not only leads to savings for the budget of the customer, but also generates time savings in administration. Our process technology and know-how significantly reduce the total cost of distribution based on direct deliveries and centralized storage.


With one of our clients (market leader in the beverage industry) we have implemented an innovative model of centralized storage for POS combined with the informatization. As a result of the changes, the stock of promotional materials decreased by 40%. The new model not only brought savings in the logistics budget but mainly contributed to a significant reduction in the cost of POS production. It happened by improving communication, which directly contributed to better estimate the amount and improving execution at the point of sale. In addition, the new model of direct delivery supported by an advanced IT system allowed to save each sales representative 1 hour per day. The extra time employee can use to generate more sales and improve customer relations. In order to optimize our customers, we offer different types of storage, reflect the specific characteristics of the product. We also provide ongoing optimization of storage. We have 6 warehouses of class A + in Poland, including 2 in Blonie, 2 in Pruszkow, 1 in Gdynia and 1 in Myslowice (c. Katowice).


To one of our client (a producer of natural cosmetics) we have proposed a model of direct deliveries to a network of pharmacies. Within our offer we provide invoicing on behalf of the client, insurance, product protection and debt collection. On the client request, we also set up copacking and change the labels. We offer two type of deliveries - within 24 hours (flash) or 48 hours (normal). Thanks to the implemented model the Client margin increased, and the quality of delivery has significantly improved.


We specialise in logistics of excise tax -sensitive products, such as alcoholic beverages or wine.

We have experience in organising tax warehouses and registered traders’ warehouses. We use IT tools accepted by the Customs Office.

Customers tax warehouse can benefit from the following features:

  1. The suspension of the payment of excise duty as long as the product is in a tax warehouse. The excise tax must be paid pay until the 25th day after taking goods from a tax warehouse.
  2. Partner XBS Group can impose Polish excise stamps (bands) on alcoholic beverages imported by clients from a tax warehouse, delivered to a bonded warehouse.

In Pruszków we have a warehouse class A + with a separate tax warehouse.


In recent years we have specialized also in logistics of seasonal and event equipment. We offered our solution to one of our  clients (market leader beverages). Within our service we provide:

Storage optimization

Organization of transport – distribution, return and relocation of the equipment from the market

Repair work for returned equipment

Tailored IT tool for management of the goods

Online information about the number of orders, execution, inventory

The ability to print and attach documents

Personalized layout of the system

In Gdynia we have a dedicated magazine A + to operate the seasonal equipment.



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Within our XBS Finance  business line we  provide services relating to the acquisition of financial aspects relating to purchases and sales. We simplify financial issues between suppliers and the customer and help to free up the working capital. We plan, implement and control the financial management process, which significantly supports the entire process of strategic management.
Thanks to the many possibilities of financing the supply chain we support all supply process.
  - purchase
  - inventory financing
  - and sales on your behalf.
We develop the most optimal solutions for purchasing processes.

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We offer our clients a comprehensive solution FULFILLMENT for online stores, both in the organization and the existing one. We provide support for the entire process - from arranging deliveries (parcel, pallet), receipt of goods to the warehouse (with quality and quantity control), through its packaging (logistics), distribution and service of returns. We also take care of the cash collected with COD and offer accounting support including debt collection. We provide the ability to control the inventory, pre-customer orders and shipment status - all online at our Web site or through the ordering platform integrated with our system.
Full offer supported by professional partners enlarge the scope of services   to marketing, e-commerce and legal aspects of online commerce.

XBS Group has developed and implemented successful business model based on dropshipping for domestic and foreign entities.
It is the logistics of online sales model involving the transfer of organization and implementation of the shipping process
commodity supplier.The role of the online store in this model is limited to marketing and sales activities. Seller (owner of the online store) makes a profit from the difference between the wholesale and retail.

Dropshipping is a good solution for small and medium-sized entities (stores), which usually sell their goods in smaller quantities and do not want to freeze cash on inventory.  It works perfectly in a situation where the store owner does not have sufficient funds to make purchases at the appropriate scale providing dynamic development. Instead of a large delivery to the shop, the supplier himself can make shipment directly to the end customer.


To meet the needs of e-commerce sector we also implemented international shipping.
Time of delivery depending on the country is 4-6 working days. Parcels are insured and their status monitored.

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Logistyka materiałów promocyjnych

Warunkiem zbudowania rozpoznawalności marki i efektywnej sprzedaży jest odpowiednia strategia marketingowa. Jednym z jej podstawowych elementów są materiały promocyjne (tzw. POS lub POSM – ang. point of sales materials). W zależności od branży mogą to być ulotki, foldery, plakaty, ale również gadżety z logo firmy.

Jednak niezależnie od ich typu wymagają one transportowania, magazynowania i kontroli ilości oraz jakości – niektóre z nich mogą być uszkodzone lub nieaktualne. To z kolei pociąga za sobą konieczność zniszczenia takich materiałów, co również generuje koszty.

Dlatego równie istotna co przygotowanie jest logistyka materiałów promocyjnych. Bez koordynowania tych procesów, firma jest narażona na straty. Dobrym rozwiązaniem jest wdrożenie systemu informatycznego, który zoptymalizuje sekwencję tych działań i umożliwi centralne zarządzanie zasobami w ramach logistyki materiałów promocyjnych.

Logistyka POS


Jako firma ceniąca innowacyjność, stworzyliśmy system informatyczny służący do zarządzania logistyką POS. Jest on dostępny w ramach XBS Diamond. Największą zaletą tego rozwiązania jest jego wszechstronność. System pozwala na stworzenie katalogu wszystkich materiałów –  łącznie z opisami, zdjęciem, ilością, a także danymi dotyczącymi ich magazynowania. Co więcej, XBS Diamond umożliwia skoordynowanie magazynowania i dystrybucji artykułów, co przełoży się na terminowe dostarczanie materiałów.

Nie można zapomnieć też, że wszystkie dane dotyczące zarządzania logistyką POS są dostępne w ramach jednego systemu. Co więcej, umożliwia on tworzenie raportów, których analiza pozwoli zminimalizować koszty przez np. zamawianie mniejszej ilości materiałów. W praktyce oznacza to, że firma, usprawniając logistykę POS, redukuje koszty zarządzania materiałami i czas ich dostarczania.

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& administration

One of our successes in the management of supply was a project carried out with the manufacturer of heating equipment.
It concerned the area of Tail ​​Spend Management. Specifically it was about the small components for production.
The customer decided to outsource to us operational responsibility for its 26 providers. As a result, he was able to achieve the following benefits:

- reduce the cost and time of handling orders.
- better communication with the supplier - only one instead of 26.
- reduce transportation costs by consolidating deliveries.
- reduced time to prepare orders.
- educing the level of inventory at the factory.
- increasing inventory turnover.
- high flexibility
- 100% on-time delivery

The fact that the customer decided to outsource this part of purchases, could focus their resources on strategic purchases, bringing additional benefits for the business.

Due to the big success of the project current model is copied to other branches of the Customer in Europe.

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cross-border & drop-shipping

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Standardowe i nadgabarytowe oraz wrażliwe produkty

Obsługa celna & uproszczone procedury re-exportu. Obsługa zwrotów. Obsługa logistyczna.

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