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We are a company that specializes in comprehensive logistics services for businesses, in accordance to the highest European standards.

XBS Group implements solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers, paying particular attention to the specifics of various sectors of activity. Optimizing processes through solutions XBS Group not only leads to savings for the budget of the customer, but also generates time savings in administration. Our process technology and know-how significantly reduce the total cost of distribution based on direct deliveries and centralized storage.


With one of our clients (market leader in the beverage industry) we have implemented an innovative model of centralized storage for POS combined with the informatization. As a result of the changes, the stock of promotional materials decreased by 40%. The new model not only brought savings in the logistics budget but mainly contributed to a significant reduction in the cost of POS production. It happened by improving communication, which directly contributed to better estimate the amount and improving execution at the point of sale. In addition, the new model of direct delivery supported by an advanced IT system allowed to save each sales representative 1 hour per day. The extra time employee can use to generate more sales and improve customer relations. In order to optimize our customers, we offer different types of storage, reflect the specific characteristics of the product. We also provide ongoing optimization of storage. We have 6 warehouses of class A + in Poland, including 2 in Blonie, 2 in Pruszkow, 1 in Gdynia and 1 in Myslowice (c. Katowice).


To one of our client (a producer of natural cosmetics) we have proposed a model of direct deliveries to a network of pharmacies. Within our offer we provide invoicing on behalf of the client, insurance, product protection and debt collection. On the client request, we also set up copacking and change the labels. We offer two type of deliveries - within 24 hours (flash) or 48 hours (normal). Thanks to the implemented model the Client margin increased, and the quality of delivery has significantly improved.


We specialise in logistics of excise tax -sensitive products, such as alcoholic beverages or wine.

We have experience in organising tax warehouses and registered traders’ warehouses. We use IT tools accepted by the Customs Office.

Customers tax warehouse can benefit from the following features:

  1. The suspension of the payment of excise duty as long as the product is in a tax warehouse. The excise tax must be paid pay until the 25th day after taking goods from a tax warehouse.
  2. Partner XBS Group can impose Polish excise stamps (bands) on alcoholic beverages imported by clients from a tax warehouse, delivered to a bonded warehouse.

In Pruszków we have a warehouse class A + with a separate tax warehouse.


In recent years we have specialized also in logistics of seasonal and event equipment. We offered our solution to one of our  clients (market leader beverages). Within our service we provide:

Storage optimization

Organization of transport – distribution, return and relocation of the equipment from the market

Repair work for returned equipment

Tailored IT tool for management of the goods

Online information about the number of orders, execution, inventory

The ability to print and attach documents

Personalized layout of the system

In Gdynia we have a dedicated magazine A + to operate the seasonal equipment.





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