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Alternative sales channels


In our portfolio we have an offer for medium and small manufacturers.

One of our clients is a producer of natural cosmetics is using our services with a specific need to increase sales by:

  • simplifying the supply chain based on direct deliveries to pharmacies (plus service invoices, accounting and debt collection)
  • and by building an online sales platform, including marketing support.

Another example is sales support project carried out with the producer of motor oils. For this Client XBS Group provides not only full service logistics, warehousing and shipping but also a customized solution in the form of an online store,

The objective is to increase sales of automotive oils to create an alternative direct sales channel.

We also carry out new product or brand launches on the market. This type of project was conducted by XBS Group for one of the leading beer producers.

We have licences for liquor sale in the wholesale and retail channels.



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Specific products

Another example of our sales support projects is carried out with one of the digital TV operators .

In addition to full logistics, warehousing and shipping services XBS Group runs an online store, aiming to increase sales of accessories facilitating TV reception.



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Niche projects

Niche projects or those that do not represent core business deals are among the projects in which we specialize .

One example of such a project is 5esencja.

5esencja was created for those who particularly appreciate the taste of luxury .

It is exclusively dedicated exclusively to upmarket and sophisticated products of the most valuable brands of the world .

Via 5esencja platform we promote and sell luxury products as well as a unique, customised service and business approach.

The purpose of the creation of a platform is to activate the sales and promotion of luxury products .

The inspiration to create 5esencja was our customer from the alcohol segment who charged us with the task of launching a new distribution channel for premium spirits .

We are licensed to wholesale and retail sales of spirits which allows us to implement and run 5esencja project.



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Rewards/Loyality programms

Within our XBS Services line our services include:

  • Loyalty Programmes –strategy, development, implementation, execution
  • Consumer Promotions
  • B2B incentive programs
  • Sales support programmes
  • Employee purchase programmes
  • Discount programmes
  • Collective purchasing programmes

One of the innovative projects currently being implemented is a platform called Synergy.

This is a directory of services and products offered by affiliated companies with a selection of discounts addressed to employees of affiliated companies.

Thanks to this platform employees have access to a wide range of services and products in different from all the sectors.

Products or services offered in the platform may be either promotional, short-term or long-term .

The platform can fulfill different functions depending on its use.

Benefits of the platform:

The programme is a system of mutual concessions, since all operators offer their employees goods and services on special conditions. Dedicated specific sales model enables effective price reductions or to create a unique added value, inaccessible to employees outside the company.

Tool to build relationships

The program is also a tool for building personal and business relationships between current participants and their business environment, provides for the incorporation of new entities by users' recommendations - founders.

Alternative Sales Channel

The program creates innovative alternative distribution channel for products and services, as a tool for quick sales promotion, which allows sale of stocks and surplus products and thus increase sales.

Luxury and practical bonus for employees

The program is an online sales platform addressed to employees of well-known companies in its industry as a part of their employer branding strategy.








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Challenge us!

If on our website you have not found the area of your interests, write to us describing the issue you want to solve.

Our projects show that we like challenges and nothing is impossible to us .

Do not hesitate! Let’s meet your challenge together.

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To our Clients operating within the e-commerce sector XBS Group offers a sales platform.

Within the platform, we offer logistics, financial, marketing and sales support and services.

We also provide indirect services relating to e-commerce business such as diagnosis of the existing website or platform serving as the distribution channel for sale of products or/and services.

The objective of the diagnosis is to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing site with a follow-up proposal for amendments or expansion.

Our marketing team is specialized in online activities, with specific knowledge on sales and marketing related campaigns.

Our knowledge and experience in this area are used by our Clients and partners.


Through our comprehensive logistic services addressed to the e-commerce sector, we help our partners to expand their services to other European markets.

Via our cross-border and fulfillment services we provide effective deliveries to countries within Europe with support for returns and customs clearance.

Thanks to its offer XBS Group makes its contribution in development of our Clients and business partners.

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