Ponowne wezwanie do złożenia dokumentów akcji w spółce

W związku z wejściem w życie ustawy z dnia 30 sierpnia 2019 r. o zmianie ustawy Kodeks spółek handlowych oraz niektórych innych ustaw (Dz.U. z 2019 r., poz. 1798), dalej jako „ Ustawa ”, XBS LOGISTICS SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA (dalej jako: „ Spółka” ), informuje akcjonariuszy o wprowadzeniu do polskiego porządku prawnego  obowiązkowej dematerializacji akcji spółek, która oznacza zastąpienie papierowej formy akcji zapisem elektronicznym w rejestrze akcjonariuszy  prowadzonym przez podmiot, o którym mowa w art. 17 Ustawy.          Zgodnie z wprowadzonymi zmianami moc obowiązujących dokumentów akcji wydanych przez...

Pierwsze wezwanie do złożenia dokumentów akcji w spółce

W związku z wejściem w życie ustawy z dnia 30 sierpnia 2019 r. o zmianie ustawy Kodeks spółek handlowych oraz niektórych innych ustaw (Dz.U. z 2019 r., poz. 1798), dalej jako „ Ustawa ”, XBS LOGISTICS SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA (dalej jako: „ Spółka” ), informuje akcjonariuszy o wprowadzeniu do polskiego porządku prawnego  obowiązkowej dematerializacji akcji spółek, która oznacza zastąpienie papierowej formy akcji zapisem elektronicznym w rejestrze akcjonariuszy  prowadzonym przez podmiot, o którym mowa w art. 17 Ustawy.          Zgodnie z wprowadzonymi zmianami moc obowiązujących dokumentów akcji wydanych przez...

Fuel surcharge - August 2021

Courier, transport and shipping industry are particularly sensitive to fluctuations in fuel prices. Buying diesel is standing, an important component of the cost of road transport. Fuel Surcharge for courier and freight traffic is calculated as a percentage of the amount due for shipment. The height adjustment of the fuel if it is not regulated by bilateral agreement, is adjusted on a monthly basis and reflects the changes in wholesale prices for fuel. The current value of the fuel surcharge for domestic shipments road XBS Logistics SA in July 2021 year is 14.5 %, in August 2021 is 15% Adjustment of fuel allows customers to resist cooperation with XBS Logistics of permanent regular and permanent price lists. As a result, changes in fuel...

XBS Logistics stays in P3 Błonie

XBS Logistics has leased 10,000 sq m under renegotiation in the P3 Błonie complex. The tenant was represented by the consulting company Cresa Polska.

Prizes catalog - online

We present a solution for conducting programs or projects which are used for prizes and motivation. As part of the services we provide: • a wide and constantly working directory and virtual prizes • Access hundreds of integrated manufacturers • full personalization content directory under the customer • a contract for the supply and service, one settlement • a process of logistics and distribution • module for limit management, accesses , settlements • the ability to integrate with external systems requiring awards Preparation and use of the directory is completely free . www.nagrodyb2b.pl    

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate

We are very pleased to announce that the evaluation result of the audit carried out in our organization was considered positive. Our company has officially been certified of ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 9001 certification confirms ensure continuous improvement in the organization, which has a direct impact on the quality of services offered to our customers and business partners. Organizations, both large and small, going positively by the audit ISO 9001 reveal a comprehensive approach to quality, optimizing the operating costs of your company. ISO 9001 is currently the most popular standard management system, with over one million certified organizations in 180 countries around the world. ISO 9001 can be used to assess the compatibility of...

Procon Polzak 2016

  PROCON/POLZAK 2016 is the largest event for the procurement industry in Poland. The Conference continues the long tradition of the POLZAK meetings. Participation in the event is an extraordinary opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge on procurement management and gaining awareness of the newest trends in the industry It is also a great platform for sharing one’s experience and findings with speakers and participants. This year, this prestigious event was attended by 270 participants and 42 speakers. XBS Group as every year, was one of the partners of the event. In connection with the upcoming season of Christmas gifts we were represented by 5esencja. Łukasz Matusiak presented participants with impressive sets of...

They write about us ... French Touch

French Ambassador Pierre Buhler and CEO of the agency Cryptone Daniel Teboul organized a series of events under the name of French Touch, the aim of which is to arouse in Poland even greater appetite for French culture and its products. "La Belle Vie" is a lifestyle magazine, which is part of French Touch action and promoting it through global view of culture, savoir-faire, traditions and trends «made in France». Magazine presents a program of numerous reports and interviews that stimulate curiosity and are a real treat for lovers of French culture. Elegant paper edition will be available free of charge at the kiosks InMedio / Relay in Poland, the duty-free shops Aelia Duty Free, Paul cafes and other points of sale of our...

CSR in practice - barometer of French Chamber of Commerce - Report

In recent months, the French Chamber of Commerce, as every year conducted a survey concerning the activities of affiliated companies in the area of CSR. Our company also took part in the survey titeled "CSR in practice - a barometer of Franco-Polish Chamber of Commerce" Moreover, we took the opportunity to share our experience in this area by presenting realized by us in the previous year project called "Paczka w kolorze sztuki" (Parcel in colour of art) Best practices shared by companies such as: BGZ BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole, EDF, Lyreco, Sanofi Group and Renault. The results and examples of activities are published in the document below. We present also infographic summarizing the survey....

They write about us in the book " Klucz do zakupów w firmie"

We have the pleasure to present the main page o book titled "The key to purchasing in the company," which in a moment will be available on the shelves in bookstores in Poland. The book is a collective work directed by practitioners for practitioners. It was developed by Luke Hadasia, Grzegorz and Katarzyna Klimarczyka Ragin - Skorecką. The book is a collection of best practices and business case studies. One of them is a project implemented by the XBS Logistics, described by Mrs. Marta Szymańska with Danfoss. Below you will find the article and the main page of the book. http://www.xbsgroup.pl/files/manager/file-39127b4f0f8cca929de4ebb5ab1d9e83.pdf  

VOLUNTEERING - Association "W stronę marzeń"

Below you noble initiative and encourage you to participate in the project helping those with disabilities. A few words about the Association Association Towards the Dream was founded in January 2012. As an initiative of a group of young people with disabilities, full of desire to work for other people, which for obvious reasons is not indifferent to the fate of the sick, disabled and disadvantaged. A very important aspect of our business has become a blurring of distance between the handicapped - and disabili-. The main objective of the Association of the Party of Dreams is the activation of social and professional people disabilities and their integration into the local society.     Miejsce realizacji projektu:...

XBS Group and STACI became business partners!

On 25 April 2016 a new cooperation agreement was signed between XBS Group, the leader of supply chain optimization in Poland, and STACI, one of the largest logistics company in Europe. Thanks to their aligned strategy, and mutual exchange of experience we should expect further developments of exciting services on a global level.

XBS Group - patron of specialization "Logistics for Enterprises"

XBS Group has teamed up with the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw. Our company has become a patron of  specialization "Logistics for Enterprises". Our selected employees will have an impact on the programm of specialization, and will participate in lectures for students. As the patron we also offer selected students projects and interships in our organization.  

Art competition for children of employees XBS Group

They write about us ... Logistics and Quality (Page 72)

In the current edition of Quality and Logistics Magazine you can find an extensive research report about outsourcing in logistics. Part of the report is addressed to current trends and insourcing. Our president Jean Francois Faucher and Andrzej Zawistowski are there as one of the experts in the field of Supply Chain. We encourage you to read.    

Suggestion System - good ideas always in good price!

What is a suggestion system? Suggestion: Once it was the "application rationalization," "innovation", which is an idea that can be used in your workplace, an idea whose application and implementation will allow your employer to reduce costs and you work more easily and effectively. Suggestion system : The suggestions can improve the work of the entire company through the ideas of the employed people. Each employee XBS Group may submit a proposal for improvement, which clearly shows the current status and provides suggestions for improving specific process or solution to the problem. For ideas implemented employees are appropriately rewarded.

Step into my shoes - program for employees

Step into my shoes and learn what is my job about. The project is addressed to all employees XBS Group. Already since February truck operator can for a few hours become a salesman and marketing specialist can play the role of warehouse opearator. The objective of the project is to better understand the specifics of the departments in our organization and understanding what are the daily responsibilities of selected employees.

Calendar TSL 2016 - competition results

Competition for the best TSL Calendar 2016 has been settled. Unfortunately, this time we did not manage to get on the podium. The organizer of the competition received 73 calendars.  Below are the winners of the 10th edition of the project and our work. Calendars XBS Group in 2016 are already printed and in the coming days will be sent to our customers and business partners.

Gala organized by French-Polish Chamber of Commerce

On Friday, January 22 held the annual Gala of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce. This time the visitors had traveled the exotic corners of the french world  and played the sound of dance music from the four corners of the world.

Prolog becomes part of XBS Group

XBS Logistics, a portfolio company of Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas SA, has concluded an acquisition of Pro-Log SA, a company specialized in advanced logistics services for excise products. Under its Capital Development activity Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas has supported XBS Logistics in financing of the acquisition of Pro-Log buy participating in equity increase in XBS Logistics. The existing shareholders of XBS are still retaining control over the Group. This acquisition is a milestone in development of XBS’ business development and is expected to create significant synergies for the Group.

Interview for radio aktywne

Yesterday 04.01.2015 together with Kaja Marzec, the winner of the first edition of "Paczka w kolorze sztuki" we had the pleasure to take part in a program dedicated to success. Both Kaja and the project has undoubted success, so it was much to tell. Organizer of the competition, which XBS Group was represented by Urszula Rąbkowska, responsible for the marketing department. https://www.mixcloud.com/RadioAktywnePW/organizatorka-i-finalistka-konkursu-paczka-w-kolorze-sztuki-w-aktywacji-04012016/  

II International Procurement Conference

Jean Francois Faucher was invited to give the speach at the II International Procurement Conference. He presented the theme " The impact of sourcing decisions on the cashflow, balance sheet and profit". Ukrainian Association Procurement Professionals appreciated his personal contribution to the educational process and the development of Urainian business of the procurement area. Our president received the"certficate of speaker " :-)

XBS Group participation in HVCA event in Budapest

As a part of  sharing the best practices, our CEO was invited to participate in the conference HVCA in Budapest. The event took place on 05.11.2015. The meeting focused on mergers and acquisitions.  Hungarian entrepreneurs are very interested in this topic and with great enthusiasm were listening to  Jean François Faucher speech. Along with other conference participants were trying to answer the questions what are the risks and benefits associated with the transaction and new markets. The pictures from the event are attached below.       

Gala with the contest results "Package in the colours of the art"

On December 10, 2015, XBS Group, organizer of the "Package in the colour of the art" addressed to students of the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Warsaw assembled the partners of the projects and students at Gala to announce the results of the contest. XBS Group is breaking the schemes not only the business and provides customers with increasingly innovative tools supporting the management of the entire supply chain. Hence the idea of cooperation with ASP and attempt to look at the logistics from another, more creative point of view. The objective of the competition was for ASP students to create packaging designs that make people think that logistics can be friendly and full of colours. The participation rate was high among students and the...

Congress Modern Warehouse

On 18-19.11.2015 was held the VII National Congress of Warehousing and Logistics under the banner of Modern Warehouse. We could not miss it. Our president has been invited to the debate on outsourcing of logistics processes. Together with other members of the supply chain tried to answer the question whether and when to outsource. What is the role of price and innovation in the selection process of an external company and how logistics outsourcing will look in 2020.

Fair of Outsourcing 2015

It passed almost a month since the fair of Outsourcing, where we could not miss. The fair took place in the Hall EXPO XXI in Warsaw. 14.10.2015 started and lasted two days. Łukasz and Sylwia presented our offer and solutions.   Our president, Jean Francois and Ula Rąbkowska became for the moment  the Master Chefs. Wearing chefs hats and color aprons tehy presented really special. Presentation revived the audience and met with a very positive response.   On the afternoon Gala, our president hand in the award of Innovation of the Year in the category of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).


In October, as every year,  we participated in the largest Polish Congress Purchasing Managers PROCON / POLZAK 2015. From years congress is organized together with Optubuy adn the Polish Association of Logistics Managers (PSML). This year's event was held on 22-23 October 2015 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Warsaw. Our solutions were presented by: Mateusz Gadecki, Grzegorz Kobryń, Łukasz Ratyński Robert Chmiel, Joanna Boczkowska and naturally the President, Jean-Francois. We also participated in panels and presentations. Jean-Francois made an brilliant speach about inventory management. Michał Frejnik and Michał Blłszczyk from Pernod-Ricard inspired many people by our VIP platform 5esencja. The conference finished with the...

Parcel in colour of art from XBS Group

XBS Group  breaks not only business schemes. They provide customers with innovative tools which support the management of the entire supply chain. Coming soon XBS Group will deliver parcels in colour of art.

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