Poles prefer holiday in the country

This year, Poles place the tourist rest the favored Poland - according to a survey SW Research. There is a growing number of foreign tourists vacationing in our country.

In the country, for the respondents having free two weeks, the most often chosen destination was the Baltic Sea.

While outside the Polish in the most popular summer place of trips to Greece, Italy, Spain and Croatia. In the winter season are popular Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Egypt.

The most common reasons for choosing a holiday abroad is a desire to see interesting places and a guarantee nice weather.

The survey was conducted on 12-20.07.2016 by interviews on-line. The study was conducted in 1021 surveys of a representative group of Poles from 18 years of age.

More foreign tourists visit Poland

According to the Central Statistical Office, in the first half of Poland was visited by nearly 2.7 million foreign visitors. In the same period last year, our country hosted 2.5 million people.

Germany were the largest group of tourists. Numerous our country visited as guests from the UK, Ukraine, USA, Italy and France.

Source: http://biznes.onet.pl/

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