Less and less unemployed in Poland

Less and less unemployed in Poland. In July, the unemployment rate was 7.1%. Against 7.1% in June. GUS data confirmed earlier estimates by the Ministry of Working Families and Social Policy. According to GUS, the number of newly registered unemployed in July decreased by 5% comparing to last year.

NBP report about Polish companies. Entrepreneurs are considering raising prices

At the beginning of this year t he situation of enterprises improved and the rate of assessment of the current economic situation was clearly above its long-term average - this is the conclusion from monitoring of the NBP concerning the situation of enterprises.

Income from VAT to 40 percent higher than a year ago

VAT income increased in the first two months of 2017. - In comparison with the previous year - by 40 percent. As he writes, "Puls Biznesu" to the budget hit 22 billion zł, is more than a quarter more money than a year ago. The increase in VAT revenue is the result not only of better tax collection , but also stimulated increased consumption of Poles, among others, the 500 plus program .

Polish beer one of the best in the world !

2016 was a very successful year for the Polish brewing. Voting took many craft breweries, which effectively pushing apart the beer market by augmenting more and more worries big corporations. What's more, our beers are gaining international recognition, as evidenced by the numerous awards that collect in industry competitions. Most recently at the gala RateBeer Best Awards, which are selected the best breweries and beer. They do this by users of this very popular portal evaluation...

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