Dropshipping - pros and cons

At the founding of the store, the online store, you have to always prepare - including financially. Own business is an expense, the greater if we want to offer prospective customers a pretty wide range. Of course we can try to get financial subsidies, but regardless of the source from which the funds for the acquisition of our company, the money definitely we will need.   By investing in the online shop we will have to spend on the same engine site, or software store. In addition,...

Payment with using cards in Poczta Polska points already in June

Since June launched a pilot payment card acceptance at 200 post offices throughout Poland. Ultimately, customers will be able to pay the card in 4700 Post offices at the turn of July and August 2016 years.

Warehouse market in Poland - the first quarter. 2016

Demand for warehouse space remains at a high level. In the quarter. 2016. Transactions of 637 thousand. sq. m, an increase of approx. 8% compared to the same period last year.

How will develop the transport market in 2016?

10-percent. profit growth in the air transport sector in 2016. Difficult, due to the fragmentation of the market and high labor costs, development of road transport and further weakening in maritime transport due to high supply of free cargo area - are the main forecasts of experts Euler Hermes.

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Effective supply chain optimization

Supply chain management is seen as a process associated mainly with minimizing costs. Optimizing storage of goods, inventory, centralization,...
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Types of picking

Static picking is a way of product placement in preparation area, where each product has its own well-defined location or locations. Using this...

Webiste positioning. General informations.

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7 trends in marketing online

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The most desirable competencies in the labor market in 2016

Easy to work in heterogeneous environment, well-developed soft skills and language and understanding of the business - are the key competencies,...

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