Less and less unemployed in Poland

Less and less unemployed in Poland. In July, the unemployment rate was 7.1%. Against 7.1% in June. GUS data confirmed earlier estimates by the Ministry of Working Families and Social Policy. According to GUS, the number of newly registered unemployed in July decreased by 5% comparing to last year.

Outplacement - what does it means?

Outplacement is a set of comprehensive measures to support the company in planning redundancies during and after the reduction process. Contrary to appearances, well-conducted outplacement program is not only focused on the dismissed employees. Support also receives managers and managers and HR-making very difficult, stressful decisions. Outplacement model also devotes attention to workers in an organization, where the situation is only superficially comfortable.  

The most popular employers in Poland in 2016

Google Poland and Skanska Group are the most popular employers this year by Polish students - according to a ranking of consulting firm Universum Global. High positions in the ranking was occupied by the Polish company - LOT Polish Airlines, Polish PKO Bank and the Polish National Bank.

How to keep inside company generation Y?

On the difficulties of enterprises with the acquisition and retention in the organization of young workers, belonging to the generation Y, much has been written. However, searching for the best solutions, employers often forget that the so-called. millenialsi not only current students, but also experienced employees in their thirties, is preparing to take the first managerial position. According to experts Hays, this attitude may soon deprive the company of many talented future business...

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