Alcohol sales in Poland are less and less profitable. Companies focus on export

The profitability of alcohol sales in Poland oscillates around 5-7 percent this year. Abroad comes to 40 percent. This means that more and more manufacturers are betting on sales outside of Poland. As calculated by the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Food Economy, this year 24 million liters of 100 percent will be sent abroad. alcohol produced in Poland, i.e. by 9 percent. more than a year ago - we read in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Polish beer one of the best in the world !

2016 was a very successful year for the Polish brewing. Voting took many craft breweries, which effectively pushing apart the beer market by augmenting more and more worries big corporations. What's more, our beers are gaining international recognition, as evidenced by the numerous awards that collect in industry competitions. Most recently at the gala RateBeer Best Awards, which are selected the best breweries and beer. They do this by users of this very popular portal evaluation...

Alcohol prices will go up?The fight against alcoholism

The Ministry of Health does not leave the guard and looking for new solutions that would have come in the war against alcoholism. Preparing the imminent end of the popular "monkeys" or smaller bottles of strong liquor. In addition to a possible ban on the sale of the resort reflects the introduction of a minimum price for alcohol .

Polish vodka in disgrace

Falling sales of vodka in Poland, especially pure. It's a trend that persists for a long time, but for the industry surprise is that the Poles are buying a less flavored vodka - admits in #dziejesienazywo Leszek Wiwała, president of the Association of Employers of Polish Spirits Industry.  

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