Rewards/Loyality programms

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Within our XBS Services line our services include:

  • Loyalty Programmes –strategy, development, implementation, execution
  • Consumer Promotions
  • B2B incentive programs
  • Sales support programmes
  • Employee purchase programmes
  • Discount programmes
  • Collective purchasing programmes

One of the innovative projects currently being implemented is a platform called Synergy.

This is a directory of services and products offered by affiliated companies with a selection of discounts addressed to employees of affiliated companies.

Thanks to this platform employees have access to a wide range of services and products in different from all the sectors.

Products or services offered in the platform may be either promotional, short-term or long-term .

The platform can fulfill different functions depending on its use.

Benefits of the platform:

The programme is a system of mutual concessions, since all operators offer their employees goods and services on special conditions. Dedicated specific sales model enables effective price reductions or to create a unique added value, inaccessible to employees outside the company.

Tool to build relationships

The program is also a tool for building personal and business relationships between current participants and their business environment, provides for the incorporation of new entities by users' recommendations - founders.

Alternative Sales Channel

The program creates innovative alternative distribution channel for products and services, as a tool for quick sales promotion, which allows sale of stocks and surplus products and thus increase sales.

Luxury and practical bonus for employees

The program is an online sales platform addressed to employees of well-known companies in its industry as a part of their employer branding strategy.










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