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To our Clients operating within the e-commerce sector XBS Group offers a sales platform.

Within the platform, we offer logistics, financial, marketing and sales support and services.

We also provide indirect services relating to e-commerce business such as diagnosis of the existing website or platform serving as the distribution channel for sale of products or/and services.

The objective of the diagnosis is to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing site with a follow-up proposal for amendments or expansion.

Our marketing team is specialized in online activities, with specific knowledge on sales and marketing related campaigns.

Our knowledge and experience in this area are used by our Clients and partners.


Through our comprehensive logistic services addressed to the e-commerce sector, we help our partners to expand their services to other European markets.

Via our cross-border and fulfillment services we provide effective deliveries to countries within Europe with support for returns and customs clearance.

Thanks to its offer XBS Group makes its contribution in development of our Clients and business partners.



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